And the next chapter is…

Today marks the day that thousands of students in the UK find out their A-Level grades. Between those disappointed and those elated its a tricky day for some.

3 years ago I was in the same position. At about 6.30am I moved from my comfy bed to the couch to lie down and refresh UCAS/my email every few minutes. Just after 7am I received and email saying that I had been accepted into Goldsmiths University, my second choice. This meant I hadn’t got the grades I needed for my first choice. A little while later an email was sent from my first choice stating I had unfortunately not made it into the course. I already knew this, but it was still disappointing to read.

Before submitting my first and second choice order I had deliberated for several weeks. I was unable to decide which I would prefer to attend. In the run up to results day I couldn’t remember which I had placed in first choice.

Going to collect my grades was still slightly nerve racking though, despite knowing I had secured a place at University. I was slightly disappointed with my grades, they weren’t as good as they could have been. My slight laziness when it came to studying was reflected in them. Not only had I missed the grades for my first choice, I had acutally gotten below what my second choice needed. Thankfully they had accepted me anyway, if they hadnt I would have had to go through clearing. A scary step for most involved.

I debated resitting, more because I knew I could do better than I needed to. If I had resat I still would have wanted to attend Goldsmiths though, so decided against it. For those that may be resitting, it is nothing to feel bad about. In the end everyone works at a different speed, in 30 years it will be a blip in your life.

Every year since I listen to the news and feel a sense of pride for those picking their results up. Whether or not you are attending university its a milestone. Either you are leaving education to enter the world of work (Scary.) or you are entering University. Its a massive step either way.

Personally, I enjoyed education. Call me a nerd, I don’t mind. Looking back I wish I had paid more attention and worked a little bit harder.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I know lots of people who could wait to get out of education particularly the school I attended. Honestly though, the future for me involves job uncertainty and taxes, Id take the purple uniform double science and packed buses home any day! Okay maybe not the uniform, it was all purple.

Anyway, congratulation to all those getting results! Whether they are what you expected or not, be proud you actually got through them!


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