The Power of Music

I have no musical talent. Seriously, I cannot play a single instrument. My university housemates said that on I can sing in perfect tune with people, but the big problem is I have no clue I am doing it. Which means I can’t do it all the time so does not count as a talent.

I do however love music. I adore the way a song can change your mood. The way a single line can evoke a memory deep within you. The fact that it can make you long for something you never had, or miss something you had to give up.

Mostly I love how it is personal. I could listen to a song a take away something completely different than you would.

A few weeks ago I watched Me Before You. The book and film cause a lot of controversy over the perceived carelessness the sensitive topics were dealt with. Although I enjoyed both the movie and the book (which I ordered after seeing the film) I can see this argument. Back to the music part of the post, what I wanted to talk about was the soundtrack.

I was getting ready to go out the other day and I put youtube on. I can’t remember whether I clicked on this song or it came up in a mix, but X Ambassadors-Unsteady began to play, the Erich Lee Gravity Remix. Withing 2 seconds I had I stopped what I was doing. I know I had heard the song before the moment last week because I knew the words and sang along in my head, but perhaps it was the arrangement of the remix that struck me.

Some vocalists appeal to some people more than others. Same Harris’ voice in that moment seemed to capture me in some trance. Watching reality shows like X Factor when I was younger I never quite knew what they meant by phrases like “the audience could really feel the emotion from you.” I think as someone from the drama and theatre world I expected singers to put on a performance when it came to singing an emotional song.

As I grew older I understood now. In the same way an actors performance is often improved by an emotional attachment, a singers vocals resonate with people when there is a truth behind the words.  I am not one to romanticize things, leaning more towards the hard reality style of living. Yet, a week on I play that song and something within me stops. For a few minutes I let go of reality and my chest tightens while I escape into the lyrics, the beat and everything in between.




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