New hair. New lipstick (…collection?)

So a couple of weeks ago I dyed my hair red, well ginger. I love it. Its a big change since I used to have light blonde hair. So big change.

One thing I didn’t count on was for my makeup to change. Of course I have dyed my hair before, mostly various shades of blonde but last year I did go purple. I didn’t change anything then, I didn’t even think about it.

Yesterday though, I put on a lipstick to wear to work and realised it didn’t look right. Although I am still as pale as paper, now my hair is darker I need to adjust.

This is a problem. My bank balance cannot handle buying a whole new colour range… But there are so many pretty colour’s out there! Apparently there is a Mac lipstick that would really suit me, I think is called Lady Danger.

Boots is currently offering a free collection velvet lipstick if you spend over £5 on Collection makeup, with a lovely looking deep berry. Rimmel has a limited edition matte lip kit, I have my eye on the pink nude shade. Oh, and my Max Factor Lipfinity is running out, and that is an amazing matte liquid lipstick in a burgundy colour. Do you see where I am going with this?

My love for lipstick comes from my mum. When I was younger my school friends knew me as the girl with ribbons and my mum with the woman wearing lipstick. Especially red. So you see, its a genetic condition!

I were a stronger person I would give it up but I am not. I did get a new job yesterday, maybe I should treat myself? It’s just so difficult when there is a shade for every occasion! I think what I will do is next time I want a coffee, I will put that change into a little lipstick fund. Although that means giving sacrificing one of my loves for another? Its a tricky situation.

Sorry for my rattling here, I had written something slightly more political but felt it was too heavy for today, so lipsticks it is!


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