Another show over…

In 2009 The Vampire Diaries began its 8 year run and on Friday it ended. In that time I began and finished my GCSE’s, took my A-Levels, started and graduated University!

Now I have a strong affection for television shows. I admit its bordering on unhealthy at times. So when TVD announced season 8 would be the final season I was sad. I love this show. Yes, it is completely ridiculous and the acting can bee over the top at times but I love it.

I did agree with the reasoning behind the decision though. Vampire’s aren’t meant to age, and although the actors still look great they have clearly changed from the fresh faces of the pilot. The show had covered witches, doppelgangers, werewolves, hunters, the afterlife, Gemini twins, heretics, sirens and the devil himself. The characters of this show have been through hell, some literally have been to hell. That is a lot. At some points the plot became too complicated, at others the storyline failed to capture my complete interest. This is nothing against anyone working on the show, it is impossible to maintain a high content level for 8 seasons, no show I know have done it.

Without criticizing the show’s writers and other staff, it was time to say goodbye. The show was ready to end. Now to how it ended. I personally liked the finale overall. I believe the sacrifice that was made needed to happen, it was clear from early on where the hope of the future lay. That didn’t mean I wasn’t sad, I cried okay. I just think it was a lovely act and well thought out by the creators.

However, from Elena waking up I lost it honestly. ‘It took some time..” Really?! The writers couldn’t have written something better? Say, with Bonnie’s new psychic abilities and embracing her magic she managed to reach Elena and bring her to this world. Honestly, anything would be better then the weird skirting around the issue they wrote.

Secondly, the final scenes. They felt rushed. I adore the Damon and Elena dynamic, and have done since they first met. If the episode were a mere 5 minutes longer then we could have seen Delena’s future. Not with terrible aging makeup though, but shots of potential mini-them’s running around Mystic Falls… I liked that the creators felt it more important to show Elena became a doctor then they got married. I just felt there needed to be more evidence Damon loved him human life, something Elena worried about several seasons ago.

The final two clips were bittersweet. Elena was united with her family. Except Jeremy who was presumably left behind to mourn his sister. The Salvatore brothers found peace and each other, but they were alone. After 8 seasons the characters reverted to their own boxes in a way. Yes they were showing the afterlife you see your family, but these families are so intertwined I wished there could have been a group shot. Sure, it would have been cheesy but so what?

Despite what small issues I may have, I did enjoy the finale. I am simply super critical since having to watch HIMYM destroy it’s own hard work. Sorry, still not over that finale, I don’t think I ever will be.

I am not too good with endings, when a TV Show ends I have an odd period where I don’t quite know what to do with myself. So this was me trying to come to terms with a show I have dedicated 8 years of my life to coming to an end. Sorry you had to read it but if I type I may as well blog!


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