A few weeks ago I graduated from my undergraduate course, and realised that in many ways I had only planned up until that point. I know the career I want to end up with, but beyond that I didn’t have a clear plan. At first I panicked, and then realised that I can make what I want of this time.

I have toyed about with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. After a few false starts I realised that if I don’t do it now I never will.

Next year I am hoping to start a MA in Broadcast Journalism. So even though the course focuses more on the presenting side, the written side is a massive part of it and I want to develop my writing skills. I am not the best with grammar, and manage to make nearly everything I write sound corny, but hopefully there will be something you like and want to stick around for.

I am running this alongside a tumblr blog, this one will be more text based where the other will have text and some random things. Right now I cant say what this blog will actually be writing about, it will likely change form post to post.

I can’t definitively say yet what it will be, but I hope it will be somewhat interesting for you!